As with any crime, the threats against data and networks come from a small element of the population. Regardless of what people are trying to protect—their networks, cars, or homes—it’s important they have a general idea of the potential threats. The priorities of network security are protecting networks and applications from attack and ensuring the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of intellectual property. Companies must act in the interest of protecting their customers, employees, and partners from security breaches.

The people behind intentional security threats might be hackers, crackers, or snoops. Many hackers are content just to get in to a system to say they’ve been there, much like mountaineers who climb a mountain "because it’s there." Crackers are more malicious and intentionally do damage once they get in to the system, often by modifying a Web page or either stealing or damaging data. Snoops are generally employees who access private information because they are either curious or mischievous.

Security threats include viruses, Trojan Horse programs, vandalism, attacks, data interception, and social engineering. Viruses, which often get the most media attention, are essentially computer programs sent through e-mail attachments or infected documents that replicate themselves to infect computers. Viruses can range in seriousness from programs that display a clever message on screen to those that erase hard drives. Attacks come in three basic forms:
  • Reconnaissance Attacks:
    • are essentially information-gathering activities in which hackers collect data to later compromise a network.
  • Access Attacks:
    • exploit weaknesses in network access points such as authentication services or file-transfer-protocol servers.
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks:
    • send large numbers of requests to a server, essentially creating a traffic jam and rendering the server inaccessible by legitimate users.

Services We Provide

Firewall Solutions 
Firewalls block intrusion attempts and allows only authorized users to enter—the digital equivalent of a locked door. Using a predefined security policy, a firewall is a hardware or software solution that acts as a barrier to crossing a network’s perimeter, allowing only authorized traffic to pass. Link-Lite is highly trained and capable of providing you with the correct firewall solution for your needs.

Intrustion Detection Services (IDS)
IDS analyzes network activity, detects security breaches, and sends alarms to administrators across the network. By monitoring network and transaction activity, companies can detect attacks at different levels.

Security Assessment Services
Security Assessments conduct detailed analysis of network activity to identify potential vulnerabilities. Link-Lite can provide high-level assessments, in addition to regular scans which identify more common problems that can be reviewd and addressed by Link-Lite security experts.

Strong Authentication Services
Strong Authentication validates the user’s identity and determines entitlement to information and applications based on user profiles. Authorization and privilege management depend on directories that include user, process, and object security attributes based on security policies and business rules. Authentication methods range from simple password systems to biometric devices that scan physical characteristics such as fingerprints.

Virus Protection Solutions
Virus protection software is packaged with most computers and can counter most virus threats if the software is regularly updated and correctly maintained. The antivirus industry relies on a vast network of users to provide early warnings of new viruses, so that antidotes can be developed and distributed quickly. With thousands of new viruses being generated every month, it is essential that the virus database be kept up to date. Link-Lite can help unsure that your virus protection is kept up to date and minimize the threat of a virus infection on your system.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)
A VPN is a network using encryption technology, a VPN ensures that messages traveling across it cannot be read or intercepted by anyone other than the authorized recipient.

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