Link-Lite provides service and support for all types of networks. The most basic kind of network is a local-area network (LAN), which connects computers in a single office or building. A wide-area network (WAN) is two or more LANs linked together or a large interconnected collection of computers and other devices scattered in different locations.

Client/Server Networks

Most networks today use dedicated computers (servers) to act as a central repository of information for the other computers on the network. This type of network is called a client/server network. The server houses data, "serves" it up when users on the network request information, and performs centralized tasks such as backups and printer/modem sharing. The skilled staff at Link-Lite are experts in construction and maintenance of client/server networks.

Peer-to-Peer Networks

LANs without dedicated servers are called peer-to-peer networks. These configurations bypass the need for a server by connecting computer workstations and peripherals directly to each other. Peer-to-peer networks are less expensive than client/server networks but do not offer the same level of central control and security.

Desktop Hardware/Software Support

In today’s speed of business, all organizations are all faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of their end users within their desktop computing environment. Link-Lite will help you meet these requirements which fall under Desktop Hardware/Software Support. These services include, but are not limited to: Computer hardware maintenance, computer upgrades, Installation of hardware and software, and any moves, adds, or changes.

Network Assessments

Link-Lite can assist you in collecting and analyzing your current network infrastructure. We audit your network and benchmark applications in your existing environment, so that we can offer recommendations for network reconfigurations and redesign, We examine your network infrastructure together with your business functions and with your IT team develop a solution that is scalable, reliable, and secure. we can assist in:
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in existing systems and networks
  • Provides baseline of network state for smart decision-making about planned modifications or new technologies
  • Provides warning to help avoid network crises
  • Addresses network performance and availability issues
  • Establishes the direction for planning a network that supports future business and technology requirements
  • Uncovers topology, hardware, software and procedures previously hidden
  • Provide risk assessment and corrective actions for systems being migrated and enhanced
  • Asset Inventory Analysis
  • Provides facts for technical and executive decision making
  • Site Surveys and Analysis
  • Security Readiness Reviews
Remote Access Solutions

Corporations use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to establish secure, end-to-end private network connections over a public networking infrastructure. VPNs have become the logical solution for remote access connectivity. Deploying a remote access VPN enables corporations to reduce communications expenses by leveraging the local dial-up infrastructures of Internet Service Providers. At the same time, VPNs allow mobile workers, telecommuters and day extenders to take advantage of broadband connectivity. To fully realize the benefits of high performance remote access VPNs, a corporation must deploy a robust, highly available VPN solution. Link-Lite understands the needs required to deploy a remote access solution suited for your business needs.
Routing Solutions & Services :: Intelligent routing technology is at the heart of packet networks and are what enable mission-critical enterprise applications to run seamlessly over a global network or service providers to deliver on stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to their customers. Link-Lite can provide routing solutions that offer the greatest breadth of capabilities, flexibility and performance to fit your specific network requirements. Link-Lite can deliver the widest breadth of connectivity options while delivering superior features such as Quality of Service (QoS), Security and VPNs with the performance and reliability you need to carry your mission-critical business applications without interruption. Look to Link-Lite for your Routing needs.

Sniffer Services

A Sniffer is a software application that monitors IP traffic on a network and provides information in the form of a trace. Sniffer traces provide information about the quantity and type of network traffic on your network. Sniffer traces can also help you identify high levels of broadcast traffic that could result in voice audio problems or dropped calls. It requires a trained engineer to understand and react to the information provided from a Sniffer and Link-Lite is capable of providing this service for you.

Switching Solutions & Services

Networking switches are Ethernet-based platforms providing increasing levels of functionality from basic connectivity to high-end, multilayer intelligent services. Link-Lite can provide you with complete understanding of the type of switches needed for your networking solution. In addition, Link-Lite has the capabilities to professionally install and service your network switches.

Wireless Networking Solutions

For networking home or business, there are essentially two choices of wireless networking solutions, those that work within the specifications of 802.11b or those that use the HomeRF technology standards. Link-Lite can help you with all aspects of your wireless technology needs. We have extensive experience in planning, implementing and securing wireless networks and connectivity

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